About Us

Meet Brad

"Brad was born in South Africa, where he lived until he was 21 yrs old. As soon as he received his motorcycle license he became a ghost at home, constantly out and about to discover adventure. This continued moving forward when he received his drivers license, Brad and his friends would travel almost every weekend or free holiday in order to travel South Africa, they were all determined to conquer the unfamiliar road. On some occasions, the family wondered if he still lived at home."

"The boys would camp next to their car on different farm lands, or sleep inside a car. The constant drive for an unknown journey called out to him and his friends every weekend.  At least, I had comfort knowing that he was never alone.  I worried less."  from mom also known as Kay.

Meet Natalie

Natalie was born in Montreal, Canada.  She graduated from Concordia University. Natalie's adventures started in university, where she was a dedicated sorority sister to Alpha Chi. One year, she traveled to Germany for a sorority sister's wedding, where she was bitten by the idea of travel and exploration.

Although, her travel has been limited by family and career over the years.  She has always had a desire to let loose and drive towards the unknown.

The ultimate goal for this channel is to share our next journey together which will be retirement.

As we get ready to retire in 2030, our life dream is to purchase an RV where we will live full time and travel.  Our thought was to start a YouTube channel, share our journey and our processes in order to achieve our goal.  Document our everyday difficulties which we intend to use as a self-motivating tool for us and hopefully, along the way have people; who will share their successes and help keep us motivated and if, we are lucky enough, we will help someone else along the way.

Brad and Natalie